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If you are a new client, please fill out our basic intake and history forms. Upon completion, these will be submitted directly to our office. Trust and Healing take Time. During your first visits in the office, we aim to learn as much as we can about one another, building understanding and rapport.

Complete this subjective survey to reflect how satisfied you are with your physical, chemical and emotional/mental health.

Understanding these ratings and answers can help us to work together, as a team, to achieve your health & wellness goals.

This is a subjective survey that is based upon your assessment of the presence of any symptoms or body signals that you are experiencing.

The questionnaire can reflect what systems are under stress and potential vital nutrients that may be lacking in the body.

Environmental toxicity exposure comes through multiple and repeated sources. One's overall exposure and load of these toxins can create many different chronic symptoms and disease states. Your scoring of these questions can help us to determine if a specific course of detoxification would prove beneficial in helping you meet your wellness goals.

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