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Manual Therapy and Exercise Physiology

Mary Jo Wagner, PT

Manual therapy can help clients find relief from their pain, promote healing and recover function and movement. In fact, Specific Tonal Chiropractic and physical therapy actually work very well together. This is because chiropractors treat the spine and any pain in relation to it and other joints throughout the body. Physical therapists will identify muscle weakness and any posture problems that could be causing the pain you are experiencing and work with you to correct it and prevent any future issues. If you see a physical therapist while seeing a chiropractor, you will be fortifying the work the chiropractor is doing and help your body move better.

Manual therapy can greatly benefit athletes, children, adults and seniors with the following injuries:

  • Muscle and Joint Pain
  • Sports Injuries
  • Neurological
  • Auto Accident Injuries
  • Work Related Injuries
  • Post Surgical Injuries

Our trained physical therapists will not only help you reduce pain but also restore mobility and educate you on how to prevent and/or manage your injury so you can attain life-long health benefits.

Benefits of Physical Therapy

  • Avoids Surgery
  • Avoids Opioids
  • Reduces Recovery Time
  • Increases Mobility
  • Manages Age-Related Issues
  • Improves Balance and Prevent Future Injury
  • Manages Diabetes and Vascular Conditions
  • Manages Heart and Lung Disease

Our therapists will do a thorough examination, then determine the best treatment plan that will improve function and movement to the body. Manual therapy is an excellent form of care that can improve health and wellness.

Natural pain management can be achieved through physical therapy and here at Windmill Wellness Center, we can help you achieve a more functional life, leaving discomfort behind. If you are interested in our services, do not hesitate to give us a call today! (314) 849-4120

Charlie Rivers

Exercise Physiology & Biomechanical Integrity  Biomechanics is essentially the ways your skeletal, muscular and nervous systems all work and interact with one another under different conditions. Charlie can work with you to remedy, reform and redesign the way your body moves.  As a practitioner, he evaluates your needs by examining your postural alignment and movement strategies.He also works with the other doctors, therapists and practitioners of the Windmill Team to identify the overall wellness and fitness goals of a client. Altogether, when there is a clear focus, Charlie will work with you to help correct any behaviors, postures and patterns that can be injurious or limiting to your capabilities and capacity for optimal movement. Based on need, he works with clients in three different formats: Commercial Fitness, Clinical Fitness and Assisted Clinical Fitness.

Commercial Fitness
In this format he teaches and works with reasonably healthy clients in a classic personal training setting. Training styles and equipment for this level will vary and range. Clients looking for increase in sports performance are common and typically respond well to this training.

Clinical Fitness
The goal of this training is to help the client bridge the gap between injury, rehabilitation and/or less than optimal movement patterns and move towards a more healthy, active and functional lifestyle. This level of training is done in conjunction with your doctor or physical therapist recommendations in mind and with a Corrective Exercise approach. Here, your alignment, breathing and breath control in both static and dynamic movement patterns becomes the top priority. Releasing restrictions, addressing strength imbalances, muscle re-education and kinetic awareness are all focus aspects of this training process.

Assisted Clinical Fitness
This is often a preferred method of addressing your needs. In this setting, he works with your doctor or physical therapist during each session. Together, in a team approach and by focusing on each practitioner’s area of expertise, you benefit from the knowledge and the hands-on experience of both professionals in real time. Oftentimes, your biomechanical concerns that would otherwise take several sessions to resolve, can be assessed and addressed in much less time.

Charlie's experience and training in the health and fitness industry began 35 years ago at the California Martial Arts Academy teaching classes in Kajukenbo, Filipino stick fighting and self-defense. In 1988, he took a position at the Missouri Athletic Club as Fitness Director and was later promoted to Athletic Director. He served at the MAC for over 17 years. During his tenure at the MAC, he was afforded the opportunity to work with hundreds of its members and guests while teaching both group as well as private classes. In 2005, he became a private contractor working with individuals as well as organizations including Windmill Wellness Center, St Louis division of the FBI, St Louis Workout, YMCA and AG Edwards. His credentials include, Medical Exercise and Post-Rehab Conditioning Specialist, Metabolic Physiology, Personal Trainer, Group Exercise, Massage Practitioner, Certified Sport Performance Coach, Russian Kettlebell Specialist, Black Belt in Kajukenbo and Certificate in Tai Chi + Qi Gong Specialties.

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