Meet the Team

Dr. Shawn Reiter, Chiropractor and Certified Functional Medicine Practitioner,

Dr. Shawn is a dedicated and compassionate teacher, facilitator and practitioner helping in the healing process through a beautifully blended knowledge of Chiropractic, Functional Medicine, Nutrition, and Lifestyle Education.

Dr. Shawn’s approach is loving, yet firm. His beliefs are this: "True health can only be achieved by proper knowledge and active participation by all parties involved. When interference in the body is removed and stress in your life is alleviated, the body stops breaking down. When tone is restored to the nervous system, and proper coordination of all other systems can be harmonized, the body moves in the direction of healing and repairing itself – as God created our human bodies to do."

Jennifer Stanley, Client Advocate, has been with Windmill since 2005. She has a spunky and expanding family; including her four children, in-law kids and grandson. This growing village continues to fuel her every day to keep striving for optimal health, awareness, abundance, vitality and above all, Love. Jennifer brings this experience and intention into the Windmill practice desiring to help all those she encounters to live a wholly, illuminated life. She believes in educating and guiding toward a basic understanding of the way the body works. Her fundamental position as a client advocate is: "Knowing better allows us choice to do and BE Better. Knowledge allows us the choice for Ownership and Mastery over our own experience and journey in Life. Having tools, techniques and practical applications for regulating the nervous system and effecting change, stability and safety of the whole body/mind/spirit allows for greater impacts to one's lifestyle and Quality of Life."  Chiropractic changed Jennifer’s life and is a huge part of her heart, her spirit and her passion. She is a champion for all those wanting healing – true, lasting healing - Wholeness. You will meet Jenn during your initial evaluation and for any additional core consultations.

Erin Kettler, Office Manager, has been with Windmill Wellness Center since 2012. She is married to Scott and they have two children, Lexi and Ryan. Erin is full of compassion and energy and loves learning new things.

Erin’s passion for chiropractic has grown with her years at Windmill. She strives to teach the benefits of chiropractic to all ages, and especially children, as she has seen the many benefits to her own family. She is always willing to share her story and the many other stories she has experienced through her years at Windmill. One the the greatest joys of her position, states Erin, is "seeing the Light return to kids' eyes after a much needed adjustment." Erin’s smiling face is the first encounter you make when you come through the door of Windmill. She's the helm of front desk and will gladly greet you and welcome you when you arrive for your appointments.

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