New Clients

Schedule In-Office Zone Consultation

Feeling certain this is the place you need to be? Referred by one of our existing Practice Members? Ready to make a transformation in your wellness pursuit? Schedule for an in-depth consultation and neuro-spinal Zone examination with our Team. Plan on spending an hour in our office for this first visit. Gain valuable insight to your overall health status for an investment of $95 and no obligation to move forward unless the fit feels aligned and right.

Complete Paperwork for New Clients

Click here to access our basic intake, health history and Zone Technique forms. Upon completion, these will be submitted directly to our office. Trust and Healing take Time. During your first visits in the office, we aim to learn as much as we can about one another, building understanding and rapport. We pride ourselves in diving deep into health history to uncover the root of issues within the nervous system and to begin the the Healing process as soon as possible.

At Windmill Wellness Center it is Our Mission to Transform Lives

Transformation is different for everyone, it has multiple forms and levels. Our Hope for all of our clients is to educate, enlighten and encourage every individual toward their own ideal life – free of physical, mental, emotional and energetic stress. We aim to help all of our clients live wholly fulfilled lives.

We are excited to make this journey with you, let’s get started!

Getting Started and What to Expect

To serve you most efficiently as you experience our office:

  • Prior to your visit, please fill out the basic client information and health history online (New Client Paperwork)
  • Please allow One Hour for this first appointment. We dive deep. Physical symptoms are generally only the surface of what is truly happening within the body.
  • Please wear comfortable clothing to accommodate your evaluations with the team
  • Please pack your Hope and know we are here to help you heal.


First Visit – Gathering Together & Connecting

When you walk through the door of our office, you will first be met with Peace and Understanding. We want our environment to be a safe space for you to begin your journey in healing.

After being welcomed by Erin & Jenn at the front desk, we will escort you to a room to complete any remaining paperwork that is needed. The doctor will be in to meet with you, to listen as you express and share your health concerns, as well as, your current and desired hopes for your quality of life. You and the doctor will discuss the most important questions about your health, and he will explain the unique aspects of our practice, including the advanced Zone Technique. If at this point, you and Doc feel and believe you are in the right place, he will proceed with the evaluation by performing a quick assessment of your Zones, further identifying the areas of Brain/Body imbalance. If there is reason for the doctor to believe that additional tests and evaluations are necessary for beginning care, we will complete a short health exam that is part of the initial evaluation investment cost. These diagnostics allow us to have a baseline of measurements and a peek into the simple, yet telling, factors of overall health and your current level of stress adaptability.

This visit is designed for the doctor to gather insight from your experiences and your body, and to then share very important information about the structure, function and communication of your brain, spine and nervous system and the ways your whole body is affected by a restoration to balance. If additional nervous system tests are performed, you will review the results of these tests in detail with your doctor on your second visit.

If the timing and connection feels right to all parties involved, you will receive your first Zone adjustment on this first visit.

Hope starts here.


Second Visit – Defining the Path to Results & Healing

At this second appointment, you will have the opportunity to share more about the results you experienced after your first Zone adjustment and to learn more about the current state of your health. Your doctor will review with you the health objectives you discussed on your first visit and any results from additional health assessment and diagnostic scans that may have been performed. You and your doctor will further discuss the recommended schedule of care to help you move in the direction of your desired wellness goals. If all parties involved feel that we are a good fit for each other, we will proceed with a plan for care and the responsibility involved.

Healing starts here.


**If you are a new Functional Medicine client needing to make your first appointment with Dr. Shawn Reiter, please contact the office at (314)849-4120**


A Note about Payment and Insurance

We are a personal pay practice. Cash, all Major Credit Cards, Flex Spending (FSA cards) or Health Spending Accounts (HSA cards) are accepted. Payment is due at time of service. A Chiropractic Consultation with our doctors is Complimentary, if you decide during the consultation that you do want to proceed with an initial Evaluation, the fee is $95. Beyond the Evaluation fee, if you indeed decide that you wish to proceed with your first adjustment on Day 1, the charge is $125 (or $74 for a Medicare participant) Payment plans for individuals and families are available. We are a network provider with Access Health. This is not an insurance policy but a membership program that allows us to legally offer capped fees for services. More information about this program can be provided at your report after we establish that we are a good fit and that we can help you with your health and wellness concerns here at Windmill.