New Clients

At Windmill Wellness Center it is Our Mission to Transform Lives

Transformation is different for everyone, it has multiple forms and levels. Our Hope for all of our clients is to educate, enlighten and encourage every individual toward their own ideal life – free of physical, mental, emotional and energetic stress – to help all of our clients live wholly fulfilled lives.

We are excited to make this journey with you, let’s get started!



Getting Started and What to Expect

To serve you most efficiently as you experience our office:

  • Prior to your visit, please fill out the basic client information and health history online (New Client Paperwork)
  • Please allow One Hour for this first appointment. We dive deep. Physical symptoms are generally only the surface of what is truly happening within the body.
  • Please wear comfortable clothing to accommodate your evaluations and scan with the team
  • Please pack your Hope and know we are here to help you heal.


First Visit – Gathering Together

When you walk through the door of our office, you will first be met with Peace and Understanding. We want our environment to be a safe space for you to begin your journey in healing.

After being welcomed by Erin at the front desk, you will meet with a team member to express and share your health concerns, as well as, your current and desired quality of life. Then the Doctor will be in to meet with you, discuss the single most important question about your health, and explain the unique aspects of our practice. Next, we will perform the Computer Nerve Scan to measure the health and performance of your nervous system. These diagnostics allow us to see the areas of your nervous system that show signs of interference, as well as your current level of stress adaptability.

This visit is designed for the doctor to gather insight from your experiences and your body, and to then share very important information about the structure and function of your spine and nervous system. You will review the results of these tests in detail with your doctor on your second visit.

Second Visit – Defining the Path

At this second appointment, you will learn more about the current state of your health. During your Report of Findings, your doctor will review with you the results from the collective diagnostic scans and further discuss the recommended schedule of care to help you move in the direction of your desired wellness goals. We will share with you the state of your health and how we can help. If we both feel that we are a good fit for each other, you will receive your first adjustment.

Healing starts here.

**If you are a new Functional Medicine client needing to make your first appointment with Dr. Shawn Reiter, please contact the office at (314)849-4120**

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