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Because people are accepting a lower Quality of Life as the best they can do, it is imperative that we become change-makers. We are committed to Create the Highest Quality of Life for ourselves, the people we love, and help others around us do the same. We achieve this by Helping people find their Greatness & TRANSFORM their Quality of Life, through Health Mastery, Life Mastery, and the Power of the Chiropractic Adjustment.

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Welcome to Windmill Wellness Center. Focusing on family healthcare.

You are an incredible and miraculous being! You live your life through your nervous system. Having a nervous system free of interference, fully communicating with your whole being, allows you to live your most optimal life. Specific Tonal Chiropractic identifies and removes any interferences that can rob you of energy, vibrancy, wholeness and health. We at Windmill Wellness Center are a compassionate, skilled and varied team of healers dedicated to helping you along your journey, achieving your goals to embody true wellness.

“Transforming Lives” is the very heart of our team focus here at Windmill Wellness Center. We want to meet you where you are on your health journey. We are committed to do our part in educating, guiding and encouraging you to live and thrive in the life you are meant to live.

We are called to and committed to offering Hope, Help and Healing. Contact us TODAY! (314) 849-4120


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