Zone Technique Fundamentals

“The results from the Zone Technique gave me my life back!!!”

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Dr. Tom Gargiula “Dr. G” is the only Chiropractor to be Certified to practice The Zone Technique in all eastern Missouri.

The Zone Technique is a healing method designed to balance your brain and body so that your body can restore itself to maximum health. The human brain has six centers that form in the embryonic stage of development and are responsible for maintaining your health. We can think of our bodies as an electrical machine, with six brain centers representing the positive pole, while specific points on the spinal cord represent the negative pole. Each zone regulates and influences your overall health. All dis-eased conditions, aches and pains and other discomforts experienced by the body can be attributed to one or more of the zones.

To locate the zone that is out of balance, there are six points on the back of your head which I palpate with slight pressure to locate the zone that is out of balance with the bodily systems it controls. Once I have identified the zone, stimulation of points along the spine sends the healing energy up the spinal cord to the brain to create balance. The brain center sends out signals to the imbalanced system to promote healing.

I have often said that it's too bad our bodies don't have a "check engine" light on the dash. Well, son of a gun, they DO. I will find that check engine light and turn it off, by addressing the Zone it's indicating.

Zone 1: Glandular / Zone 2: Eliminative /Zone 3: Nervous System

Zone 4: Digestive / Zone 5: Muscular / Zone 6: Circulation

You can schedule for a Zone Technique evaluation by going to the New Clients page here,or by calling or texting 314-849-4120. The session is a quick, no-nonsense snapshot of where your health priority is for the day. Find it, fix it, recheck it. A short time of your day to increase your health and vitality! Remember, longer is not better. Better is better. Get in the Zone!