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Healing Thoughts Thursdays & Life Mastery Minutes

Every Thursday on our social media threads, Dr. Gargiula hosts a brief “Healing Thought” for the week. These offerings are often paired with testimonials of deep healing. Tap into an Illuminated mindset and Life Mastery tools useful for maximizing health and wealth in everyday living.

All topics fall under the grand theme of living your highest, most purposeful, most impactful, most adaptable, most resilient, most vibrant and amazingly abundant life – the life you are designed to thrive in!

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Our team at Windmill Wellness Center is committed to sharing, educating and inspiring others with a message combining Life & Health Mastery concepts to encourage Balance, Productivity and Happiness in both Personal & Professional development.

In continuous efforts to reach more people in the community, we offer to host Open Houses, Events and Classes for our local businesses & teams.

Here’s how the program works:

#1. Contact us via phone or text to (314) 697-2323, message us online, or send us a business card via snail mail.

#2. We connect with you to schedule a day when your staff, or group members, can gather together in our space.

#3. While your group enjoys some healing frequencies, our director, Dr. Gargiula shares a 20-30 minute presentation on “Living Your Best Life” and the ways Zone Chiropractic and the Energy Enhancement Center can add years to your Life. A time for Q&A concludes the program.

That’s it!! We want to meet people where they are on their journey. We want to offer Hope, Encouragement, Options and the Strategies for ALL to succeed in every goal desired. It is our mission to help others TRANSFORM their lives and we would be honored to be of service to you. Let’s connect! Let’s pay goodness forward!

Contact us to learn more about our Community Networking Programs.