The Origins of the Zone Technique

The origins of the Zone Technique, the body’s six main systems and spinal cord stimulation to heal the brain The Zone Technique was founded in 1931 by Thurman Fleet, DC, in San Antonio, Texas, in conjunction with the creation of Zone Therapy. Fleet is considered by many to have achieved the greatest…

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What Causes My Body to Become Imbalanced?

The body becomes imbalanced when it is unable to properly adapt to, regulate and integrate the STRESS that we encounter. The major types of stress we experience are PHYSICAL (accidents, slips, falls, working out,etc), CHEMICAL (poor nutrition, toxins, allergens, etc.), MENTAL/EMOTIONAL (traumas, negative thought patterns, excess stress, birth, death, divorce,…

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“This is hard to do.”

Click here to watch the full video. Our son Matthew said these words when he began his healing journey to successfully eradicate Lymes disease from his body. Recovering from an illness takes lots of action and frequently lifestyle change. It is definitely NOT easy. It was hard. However, it was…

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