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The Silent Blessings of Living a Wellness Lifestyle

The Ripple Effect Life – Health Mastery Series We all have a lifestyle.  The question is, “Is my lifestyle by design or by default?”.  If it is by design, it is consciously thought out and deliberately executed.  If it is by default, then what happens, happens.  There is no planning, no guidelines, and no discipline.  A common phrase spoken in a default lifestyle is, “Where do you want dinner from tonight?”. Other phrases are, “There is no time to go shopping or to plan or cook meals.”  “We are simply all going in 10 different directions, it makes more sense…

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Who is in Your Inner Circle?

The Ripple Effect of: Who Is In Your Inner Circle Show Me Your Friends, I’ll Show You Your Future” by Dr. Tom Gargiula The people who we surround ourselves with have a strong gravitational pull on our lives.  We tend to act like they act and do things the way they do things.  I have heard several people say that they started smoking because they were hanging out with people who smoked.  I also know people who have started exercising and getting healthier because the people they were spending time with also exercised and took actions to get healthier. This…

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Creating a Rock Solid Marriage

The Ripple Effect Life:Health & Life Mastery Blog Seriesby Dr. Tom and Sue Gargiula Our heart aches anytime we hear about a marriage that breaks up. We don’t even need to know the people. We are still sad because it is a trauma to the sacred covenant of marriage. Marriage is very powerful. There is something special happening when two people pledge all of themselves to each other. More than 90 percent of people, in Western Cultures, marry by age 50. According to the American Psychological Association, Marriage has been shown to have a positive impact upon someone’s mental and…

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