Functional Medicine

Dr. Shawn Reiter
Every individual can benefit from Functional Medicine! Functional Medicine is a customizable, integrative approach to healthcare and overall Wellness. The central aim of a Functional Medicine doctor is working to answer, “Why has function been lost?”, “What is the root cause of symptoms?”, and “How and what can be done to restore function within the intricately related systems of the body to achieve optimal vitality?” This type of healthcare allows a person to create long lasting strategies for excellent health management and even possibly, the reversal of chronic illness. Rather than masking an underlying problem with medications, Functional Medicine allows each individual’s treatment plan to be personalized, genetically and biochemically, to complement and support the natural healing ability of the body.

Functional medicine, especially in coordination with specific tonal chiropractic, is designed to treat an individual, not a disease. A traditional medical approach will try different medications to see what works to control the symptoms and conditions you have; whereas a Functional Medicine doctor will take a different approach – an approach that works to see all systems from a holistic and comprehensive perspective.There is a complex, yet systematized approach to functional medicine care with Dr. Shawn.

Benefits of Functional Medicine
Finds the root cause of symptoms and health problems to help you avoid being exposed to harmful side effects of medications and oftentimes unnecessary surgery
Gives YOU the ability to help yourself by becoming a part of the solution, not just masking a problem
Customizable healthcare plan
Focuses on natural and safe treatments

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