Functional Medicine

You do not have to have a ‘disease title’ in order to benefit from functional medicine!

Functional medicine is a customizable integrative approach to healthcare. This type of healthcare allows a person to create long-lasting strategies for excellent health and even the management and possible reversal of chronic illness.

Functional medicine, especially in coordination with chiropractic, is designed to treat an individual, not a disease. The central aim of functional medicine is to answer, “Why has function been lost?”, “What is the root cause of symptoms?”, and “How and what can be done to restore function within the intricately related systems of the body to achieve optimal vitality?” There is a complex, yet systematized approach to functional medicine care with Dr. Shawn.

Some individuals benefit from simple diet education and lifestyle reorganization, and others, with more complicated concerns, will benefit from additional diagnostic testing and a structured care plan.

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