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The Ripple Effect Life:
Health & Life Mastery Blog Series
by Dr. Tom Gargiula “Dr. G”

“If the battle is NOT between you and your destiny…Ignore it.”

This quote gave me some serious pause. As a matter of fact I am still processing it. Writing this blog will help me to dissect what it actually means to me and how much weight I want to give it as an Axiom of my life.

I believe that most people would agree that there are way more distractions now then there used to be years ago. We had only a handful of TV channels to watch. The TV stations would actually shut off after a specific time each night. There was no internet, no social media, one phone in our house for the four of us to use, no call waiting, or caller id. We frequently got a busy signal when we tried calling someone. The News was only on at 5PM and 11PM.

I am not suggesting that we go back to how it was. I am simply pondering this quote. The question it brings up to me is “What am I spending my time thinking about?” and “What am I spending my time doing?” My eye keeps going to the word “Destiny”. That is a word with a lot of weight.

Since one of my objectives in this life is “To love and serve others while living a life of significance”, this word Destiny is powerful for me. The other component I think about is Time. I am a huge fan of Time Mastery and if I am spending time on “Non-Destiny” thoughts and actions I am slowing down the momentum of my life. I am decreasing the amount of Eternal Impact that I am able to have through my service.

I periodically review my use of time and fine tune my schedule. As I do this ritual I see areas of time and energy leaks. There are situations (a rare family emergency) when something comes up that requires my time and energy and it is in everyone’s best interest that I focus my time and energy in that direction. However, more times than not when it is not an emergency, it becomes a distraction ONLY IF I consciously choose to put my time and attention in that direction. One way that I keep my focus on what I am intending to accomplish is through calendaring. I will discuss Time Mastery in a separate blog post. My final thought about this quote is that I really like it. I have decided to make it one of my life’s Axioms. I am Destiny focused. I am serving many people in three areas, Health, Life, and Financial Mastery. These are my passions of service. Understand that I do these things with extreme efficiency. My priority passion is serving God by being an amazing individual, husband, and father. Service is the third priority in my life. We will discuss Core Values and Life Priorities in separate blog posts as well. Think about this quote as well.

See if it needs to become one of your Axioms or not. The choice is yours. There is zero judgment. Regardless of whether this quote gets you going as it does for me, the more focused we are during the productive times of our day, the more we can get accomplished in less time. This is how we can have more freedom for doing all of the fun things in our life and choosing to spend most of our time on our highest priorities.
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