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There are days Here, where I feel absolute Heaven on Earth.

Where the blessings that are ALL AROUND me beam and ping so vividly and loudly that I cannot but help to express the Gratitude I hold in my heart… and in my hands… and in the moments that I am blessed to engage with others at Windmill Wellness Center – the Team, the Clients and the Visitors, all alike. Truly. Wholly. Blessed. I am thankful for the walls that surround and shelter our world within here. I recognize that so many others do not have a work space that fills them the way Windmill does for me, and I believe for each of us. Here is a place of Peace, Protection, Serenity and Safety – for the Team, the Clients and the Visitors, all alike.

Here, is a place that restores HOPE in our own human bodies and in the body that is Humanity. Here, is a place that HEALS all the aching, broken pieces of who we are and fuels our spirits to BECOME the Peace that we are seeking.
Here, is the Campfire Experience – where energy is gathered and stories are shared. Here, is the Family Practice Experience – where, sometimes, we see three generations come in together, because a healthy vessel is God’s premier gift to us.

Here, is the Unconditional Love Experience – where those disparaging with multiple diagnoses and “conditions” can be seen for WHO they are and the LIGHT they hold, not as the title or label that is limiting them.
Here, is a Sanctuary – where we come to rest and renew, to charge up and take charge of the Goodness in the world.
Here, is the Family Room Experience – where so many events shape and shift us. Where Life is celebrated, where Death is mourned, where LOVE WINS, where dreams are voiced, and hearts open, and laughter flows and tears fall.

Here. Yes.

Here, is a place of Heaven on Earth, where countless angels, with wings unseen, pass through our door and wake the field that CONNECTS US ALL – the Team, the Clients, the Visitors, all alike.

Here is where my heart beats to its own drum, Happily.
Here is where my cup is full and at the ready to share, Willingly.
Here is where my work is JOY and LOVE and COMPASSION.
I am lifted and humbled by the souls – the Team, the Clients and the Visitor