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Dr. Tom Gargiula (“Dr. G”) came to St. Louis in 1987 to attend Logan College of Chiropractic. While in school he met his wife, Sue, who was born and raised in St. Louis. Needless to say they have stayed in St. Louis,  enjoy raising their four children and serving the St. Louis Community through Windmill Wellness Center, since 1994. However, Dr. G’s story in chiropractic began many years earlier. While at the chiropractor for their Wellness Adjustments Dr. G’s parents shared with him about their concerns with Dr. G’s health. When Dr. G was born he had Colic (severe abdominal pain, cramps, and vomiting). They were concerned because the pediatrician simply said that he would maybe outgrow it, but offered no solution.

The chiropractor explained to Mr. & Mrs. Gargiula that the nervous system not only controls the muscles but also controls all of the organs and glands of the body. He said that if Dr. G had interference to his nervous system his stomach would not be working properly. Mom immediately asked two important questions. #1: Is it safe to adjust a baby? She had never seen a child get adjusted. He assured her it was safe. #2 How did Dr. G. get nerve interference since he is a new born baby? He explained that it is usually the birth process, which can be traumatic, that causes a child’s first imbalance (Nerve Interference). The great news it that after two adjustments the Colic was gone. They were thrilled.

From that point on, Mr. & Mrs. Gargiula took both Dr. G and his older brother to the chiropractor for regular Wellness/Maintenance Chiropractic check-ups for the simple reason of keeping them healthy.

Growing up under Wellness Chiropractic Care gave Dr. G. a first hand look at what it is like to have a health advantage compared to most of the other children. Getting even a cold was rare for Dr. G. He even remembers in the 5th grade when 75% of the students were out with the flu. He never had a problem and never had a Flu shot. It seems that being healthy in a pro-active way has allowed Dr. G to not only have a very healthy youth but also an incredibly healthy and blessed adulthood as well.

Choosing Chiropractic as a profession was a simple decision for Dr. G. He always loved watching people coming and going at the chiropractor’s office - seeing them get healthy in a way that honored God’s laws about healing. It is quite simple; God made the body to be self-healing. We live our life through our Nervous System. All we need to do is balance the brain and body and the body achieves incredible harmony and healing.

While always in the search for the most effective and efficient ways of getting the best results for patients, Dr. G. found The Zone Technique in 2020. He has poured himself into this healing knowledge and studied thousands of hours and several live seminars to reach true healing mastery. The results he is seeing with his patients is nothing short of remarkable. Very deep and thorough healing that is allowing people to get their lives back.

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