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Specific Tonal Chiropractor helps to give You and your family a solid foundation for wellness. This gentle and comprehensive chiropractic approach provides your children with the best opportunity for achieving health and wellness by allowing their nervous systems to work at their maximum potential by keeping their spines free of subluxations (nerve interference). Specific Tonal Chiropractic also encourages healthy nerve and brain development.

Specific Tonal Chiropractic for infants is crucial to ensuring your baby hits the developmental milestones appropriately. In fact, even in the most ideal of deliveries, the birthing process is still quite traumatic not only for the mother but also the infant. Most times, the birthing process itself can be the first cause of subluxations at the brain stem. When left unchecked and unaddressed, these subluxations, or interferences in the main communication system of the body (the Nervous System) can lead to other health issues. Some of these health conditions are:

Ear Infections
Breastfeeding Dysfunction
Inability to manage “tummy time” or moving head & neck with ease
Sleep Issues

An infant can have nerve interference and not have any symptoms show up until they are adults and begin to experience health issues.

Young and Older Children
As your child will grow he or she will experience falls and everyday bumps and bruises. Even small falls can create subluxations and spinal misalignments. Specific Tonal Chiropractors have proven to be effective in helping kids with their intellectual, athletic and artistic performance, as well as with the following health conditions:

Focus Issues
Trouble Sleeping
Behavior Issues
Sensory Disorders
Proactive Healthcare

Kids can be subluxated from birth trauma, minor or major traumas, environmental exposures and even developmental stress. Luckily, children also are more resilient in responding quickly and impressively to corrective care and then maintaining health with wellness chiropractic care. This is why it is so important for your child to receive routine Specific Tonal Chiropractic as soon as possible. If your child does have a subluxation that does not get corrected early on in life, he or she could begin to experience more pronounced health challenges later in life. As chiropractors with decades of experience, we believe the most proactive way of helping keep your children healthy and ensuring they develop appropriately into healthy adulthood, is with routine Specific Tonal Chiropractic.

Specific Tonal Chiropractic is safe and effective for your children. We use intentionally tender, slow and gentle approach to adjust your child. We use the lightest force with the tip of our fingers. We use the same delicate pressure that it would take to leave an imprint on a tomato.

Here at Windmill Wellness Center we thoroughly enjoy checking kiddos and watching them thrive in Life through a healthy nervous system. It is a profound Joy to be a part of this “aliveness” every single day. Allow your child’s nervous system, spine and entire BE-ing to grow optimally without subluxations, by bringing them in to see us!

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