Pregnancy Chiropractic

Dr. Tom Gargiula
Specific Tonal Chiropractic can greatly benefit a pregnant woman. Here at Windmill Wellness Center we strongly encourage those routine Specific Tonal Chiropractic preconception, during pregnancy and after pregnancy. In fact, we encourage men who want to become a father to receive routine Specific Tonal Chiropractic with his wife, because the healthier mom and dad are, nerve-wise, the healthier the baby will be.

Pregnancy is meant to be a beautiful chapter in your life. Unfortunately, sometimes the symptoms of pregnancy overpower that fact. Luckily, routine Specific Tonal Chiropractic is a natural and healthy solution to ensuring the baby develops properly and offer the following benefits:

– Help You Maintain A Healthier, More Comfortable Pregnancy
– Help To Control Symptoms Of Nausea
– Relieve Pain In The Back, Neck, Hips & Joints
– Faster And Easier Labor & Delivery
– Help Avoid The Use Of Pain Medications During Pregnancy
– Helps Avoid A Cesarean Section

Creating A Healthy Foundation

The expectant mother can also avoid heartburn, digestive issues, diabetic issues, and pre-eclampsia; everything that is a danger for the baby and mother to stay healthy. By receiving routine chiropractic checkups, a pregnant woman can improve her neuromusculoskeletal function to increase their overall health before they deliver. Specific Tonal Chiropractic is also a crucial element in creating a strong, healthy foundation for the developing baby.

Creating Balance

A pregnant woman’s body changes chemically as well as physically. As the baby continues to grow, a pregnant woman’s pelvis will shift to make room for the growing baby. Routine Specific Tonal Chiropractic will keep the pelvis balanced and have it moving properly so the baby is able to move and grow easily and bring the baby to full term. If the pelvis is unbalanced, it will create health issues for the growing baby. Routine Specific Tonal Chiropractic prevents that and, not only keeps the baby healthier but also keeps the mom healthier.

One of the most crucial times in a woman’s life to receive Specific Tonal Chiropractic is throughout her pregnancy. Here at Windmill Wellness Center, we believe in the power routine Specific Tonal Chiropractic can have in helping an expectant mother to preserve a healthy nervous system and skeletal structure throughout the entirety of pregnancy and childbirth. If you are pregnant or hope to become pregnant, schedule an appointment to get adjusted TODAY! (314) 849-4120.