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Our son Matthew said these words when he began his healing journey to successfully eradicate Lymes disease from his body. Recovering from an illness takes lots of action and frequently lifestyle change. It is definitely NOT easy. It was hard. However, it was also hard for him, at 18 years old, to walk up and down the stairs in our house. It was hard for him to take college courses, due to the exhaustion. It was also hard as a parent to only be able to do so much for him and have him have to do most of it on his own.

You see, Matthew had to choose his Hard. Either way was going to be hard. He based his decision on which result he wanted. It is already hard to function with this illness or do I do the hard actions and lifestyle changes to get the result I want. The Hard he chose was taking action and putting in the hard work to get better.

Sue and I are immensely proud of two things. The first thing is how we raised him in a pro-active healthy model which gave him the added advantage for healing. The second is we are so proud of Matthew for working so hard and doing the hard stuff and getting the desired result of incredible health.

We Love You Buddy,

Mom & Dad

P. S. The video about Matt’s experience is below and on our Facebook page if you would like to share it.