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19,200 ounces of water
+ 13,500 minutes of exercise
+ 2,254 pages read
+ 1500 bathroom breaks
+ 525 miles trekked
+ 100 smoothies
+ 75 Days
+ 2 “Tea Bags”
+ 1 Goal

These factors add up to 37,157.That amount is not the whole of this equation. It does not concern me what the sum of these numbers are. The aggregate and elemental lesson I learned from these components is: “Carry the One”

That “One” is the exponential power of this symbolic representation.

In reaching any goal, the work and dedication contributed is ultimately of our own agency and will. But, in successfully achieving remarkable results there are usually others – or one other, in particular – who helps carry us to the bottom line, or the finish line. In partnerships, sometimes, we are the one that is carried, other times we are the one carrying. For me, that One that carried me is my beloved, trusted, lauded and marveled-at Co-worker, Friend, Cheerleader, Warrior and Sister, Erin Ahearn Kettler.

Twelve-ish weeks ago when she came to me with her intention to start the 75 Hard Challenge @Andy Frisella, I admired her excitement and agreed to join her in the mission. (Truth be told, if solo, I would not have committed to such a thing.) Having an accountability partner amped up my game, gave me a different perspective, silenced my hesitancy and proved greater gains in not only Companionship, but Ownership, overall. I am not afraid to work hard and sacrifice. However, I am afraid to disappoint and fail as part of a team. Counting down each day, knowing in every (strong & weak) moment that I had my mate holding the same line of integrity and final accomplishment, made this lifestyle challenge all the more integral and treasured. There was legit “No Quit” and we even came to embrace any (perceived) obstacle we encountered. There were no set-backs, only compound interest and Impact.

So at the onset, I fancied “before and after” shots of myself as proof to the mirror (and the world, I suppose) of the summation of work and progress that had been achieved. But now, at the close of these 75 days, I realize the culmination of strength, depth, resolve and character cannot be shown in a freeze-frame of just myself. It can only be depicted in the pictures of the shared and wonder-womanhood relationship that I have with one of my own personal heroes. Snippets of the journey we share with each other. The journey and equations that we will continue to calculate, press through and tackle together.

With Grit and Grace and Gumption. (and sheer goofiness)We are blessed to belong to a community Windmill Wellness Center of spirited people who lift one another up – I definitely could not and would not have done this without you! Today, I raise my glass of goodness and gratitude – to myself and to you, my cherished friend – in celebration of:

Restrictive diets – Unbounded enthusiasm
Lost pounds – Gained confidence
Inches shaved – curves defined
Diminished mindless habits – Enhanced overall discipline
Zero Reese’s PB cups or red wine – Macro mind, body & soul nourishment
Handfuls of supplements – Bushels of salad greens
175 bpm playlists – 4/7/8 Breathwork
Max reps – Minimal lack
Pints of sweat – Tons of determination
Substantial aches, pains & groans
Infinite reverberations of Laughter, Light and LOVE

Life is in the margins and the spaces between. Immeasurable Joy comes from our generosity of Gratitude toward and our connected investment with others.

Find the one person in your life who carries you when challenges present themselves. Someone who makes days, storms, steps and reps easier to sail through. That is real Relationship, Friendship and Sisterhood (or Brotherhood) Find the one person who carries you to the place where you feel safe to risk, to push, to climb and struggle toward what serves the grandest vision of YOU in your life and your authenticity.

That someone who never discounts your power or reduces your Selfhood. That is Stewardship, Discipleship and Championship. That is a limitless source of Livelihood.

Be the one who carries another when limitations, hardships and falsehoods are threatening to squash their potential. Be the one who adds to the Solution, who does not fixate on the problem or contribute to division.

“Carry the One” in all the equations, challenges and expressions you face in life.

That “One” will always be greater than the sum of its parts.