Creating a Rock Solid Marriage

The Ripple Effect Life:Health & Life Mastery Blog Seriesby Dr. Tom and Sue Gargiula Our heart aches anytime we hear about a marriage that breaks up. We don’t even need to know the people. We are still sad because it is a trauma to the sacred covenant of marriage. Marriage is very powerful. There is something special happening when two people pledge all of themselves to each other. More than 90 percent of people, in Western Cultures, marry by age 50. According to the American Psychological Association, Marriage has been shown to have a positive impact upon someone’s mental and…

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Heaven on Earth

There are days Here, where I feel absolute Heaven on Earth. Where the blessings that are ALL AROUND me beam and ping so vividly and loudly that I cannot but help to express the Gratitude I hold in my heart… and in my hands… and in the moments that I am blessed to engage with others at Windmill Wellness Center – the Team, the Clients and the Visitors, all alike. Truly. Wholly. Blessed. I am thankful for the walls that surround and shelter our world within here. I recognize that so many others do not have a work space that…

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The Ripple Effect of Time Mastery

The Ripple Effect Life:Health & Life Mastery Blog Seriesby Dr. Tom Gargiula “Dr. G” When I ask people, “What causes the most stress in your life?”, the most common answer I hear is, “I have NO time!”. “There is so much to do and NO time to do it.”. Time is a commodity that, at first look, appears to be limited. There are only 24 hours in a day and only 365 days in a year. Why is it that certain people seem more productive than others? We have all heard the saying, “If you want something done, give it…

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