Heaven on Earth

There are days Here, where I feel absolute Heaven on Earth. Where the blessings that are ALL AROUND me beam and ping so vividly and loudly that I cannot but help to express the Gratitude I hold in my heart… and in my hands… and in the moments that I…

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The Ripple Effect of Time Mastery

The Ripple Effect Life:Health & Life Mastery Blog Seriesby Dr. Tom Gargiula “Dr. G” When I ask people, “What causes the most stress in your life?”, the most common answer I hear is, “I have NO time!”. “There is so much to do and NO time to do it.”. Time…

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Being ProActive vs. Reactive

The Ripple Effect Life: Health & Life Mastery Blog Seriesby Dr. Tom Gargiula “Dr. G” Seeing people lose their health, get sicknesses and diseases breaks my heart. I am not only speaking about what happens in other countries. I am speaking about what is happening everyday in America. It is said…

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